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Not Your Average Bandit

Rebel Spirit, Community Vibes

Embark on a Screen Printing Adventure with a Twist of Rebellion


At Bandit Print House, we understand that creating custom apparel can be a journey full of choices and creativity. That's why we're dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process. From selecting the perfect garment to choosing the right printing technique, we're here to demystify the world of screen printing. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned designer, our team offers personalized support, ensuring your vision comes to life just as you imagined. It's not just about printing; it's about crafting a story together. Let us be your compass in the exciting adventure of apparel customization.


Rebel's Roster: Our Bold Lineup of Offerings

  • A Canvas of Choices: T-shirts that talk, hoodies that hug, hats with a hint of hip – we've got an arsenal of apparel waiting for your personal stamp.

  • Tech, Tradition, and a Touch of Anarchy: Dive into the realm of screen printing with our traditional equipment and state-of-the-art digital transfers. Perfect for any design, any dream, any daring idea.

  • Boutique Ambiance, Big-time Creativity: We're the cozy nook in a world of giant, impersonal print shops. At Bandit Print House, it's all about a personal touch, a friendly chat, and a journey through the exciting world of apparel customization.


Our Rebel Cry: Unmatched Quality & Unbridled Creativity

We believe that custom apparel is not just about printing a design; it's about weaving a story. We're here to demystify the process, guiding you from conception to the final, fabulous product.

Bandit Print House: Where Every Print Tells a Story

Here, every garment is a canvas, and every customer is an artist. Join us, and let's make wearable art that's as unique as you are!

Our Sister Store

Celebrating Our Roots: Davidson Provision Company


Nestled in the heart of Main Street in Davidson, Davidson Provision Company ( stands as a testament to our passion for quality outdoor clothing.


As a successful and beloved local business, we've spent years outfitting adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts with apparel that's not just durable, but also stylish. Our journey in creating and curating the perfect clothing for outdoor life has taught us invaluable lessons in quality, style, and customer satisfaction. It's this rich experience and knowledge that we're now excited to bring to Bandit Print House. Here, we're channeling all the insights gained from Davidson Provision Company to offer an even broader community the opportunity to create their own custom apparel.


With Bandit Print House, we're extending our legacy, sharing our craft, and inviting you to be a part of this exciting new chapter.

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